Who is Playing the Character of Hasmukh Shah in Anupama? – Real Name

This article aims to explore the character of Hasmukh Shah in the popular Indian television show “Anupama.” We will delve into the character’s role in the series, the actor behind the portrayal of Hasmukh, and the impact of the character on the show’s overall narrative and success.

“Anupama” is a widely acclaimed Indian television drama series that premiered on Star Plus on July 13, 2020. Created by Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi under their production house, Director’s Kut Productions, the show is a remake of the successful Bengali television show “Sreemoyee,” which airs on Star Jalsha. Set in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, “Anupama” tells the story of Anupamaa Shah, a devoted homemaker who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment when she learns about her husband’s infidelity. The show explores various aspects of family dynamics, relationships, and societal expectations, with Hasmukh Shah being one of the key characters in the series.

Brief Summary of “Anupama”

Bapuji in anupama

“Anupama” is an Indian television drama series that premiered on Star Plus on July 13, 2020. Created by Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi under the banner of Director’s Kut Productions, the show is a Hindi adaptation of the successful Bengali television show “Sreemoyee,” which airs on Star Jalsha. The series has garnered immense popularity among viewers, and its captivating storyline has made it one of the highest-rated Indian television shows.

Plot and Setting of the Series

Set in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, “Anupama” revolves around the life of Anupamaa Shah, a dedicated wife, mother, and homemaker who puts her family’s needs above her own. Despite her unwavering devotion, Anupamaa’s efforts are often taken for granted by her family. When she discovers her husband Vanraj’s infidelity, she decides to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. As Anupamaa gains confidence and independence, the show explores the evolving relationships and family dynamics that unfold around her.

Introduction of the Character Hasmukh Shah

Hasmukh Shah is an integral character in “Anupama,” as he is the patriarch of the Shah family. A loving husband and father, Hasmukh is known for his wisdom, wit, and strong values. His character provides a guiding force for the family, offering support and counsel to Anupamaa and other members during their individual struggles. Hasmukh’s character represents the traditional values and principles that the family holds dear, while also being an advocate for change and growth as the story progresses.

Who is Hasmukh Shah?

Description of Hasmukh’s Character in “Anupama”

Hasmukh Shah is the patriarch of the Shah family in the television series “Anupama.” He is a wise, witty, and caring individual who values family unity and upholds traditional principles. Hasmukh is married to Leela Shah, and together they have two sons, Vanraj and Dolly. As a father and husband, Hasmukh is supportive and understanding, often serving as a voice of reason during conflicts within the family. He is particularly fond of his daughter-in-law, Anupamaa, and appreciates her dedication and love towards the family.

The Role and Significance of Hasmukh in the Story

Hasmukh’s character plays a crucial role in the narrative of “Anupama” as he contributes significantly to the family’s emotional support system. As the patriarch, he often mediates family disputes and provides guidance to help his loved ones navigate through their individual challenges. Hasmukh’s unwavering support for Anupamaa, even when she faces opposition from her husband and others, strengthens her resolve and confidence during her journey of self-discovery.

Additionally, Hasmukh’s character symbolizes the delicate balance between traditional values and the need for growth and change within a family. He demonstrates that it is possible to uphold one’s principles while still embracing the evolving dynamics of modern society. Through his wisdom and compassion, Hasmukh’s character significantly influences the development of other characters and the progression of the story, making him an indispensable part of “Anupama.”

Who is Playing the Character of Hasmukh Shah in Anupama?

Veteran Indian actor Arvind Vaidya brings the character of Hasmukh Shah to life in the television series “Anupama.” With his extensive experience in both television and film, Vaidya has skillfully portrayed the role of the wise and loving patriarch of the Shah family.

The Actor’s Background and Career Before “Anupama”:

Arvind Vaidya began his acting career in Gujarati theatre before transitioning to television and films. He has been part of several successful Gujarati plays, earning a reputation as a talented and versatile actor. Vaidya made his television debut in the popular Hindi sitcom “Khichdi,” where he played the role of Arvind Thakkar. He has also appeared in various Hindi and Gujarati films, showcasing his acting prowess in both comedic and dramatic roles.

Hasmukh and Leela
Hasmukh and Leela

How the Actor Got the Role of Hasmukh:

When casting for “Anupama,” the show’s creators were looking for an experienced actor who could effectively portray the complexities of Hasmukh’s character. Given his background in Gujarati theatre and his previous television work, Arvind Vaidya emerged as the ideal choice for the role. Impressed by his acting skills and understanding of the character, the show’s creators offered Vaidya the role of Hasmukh Shah, which he accepted, bringing his unique touch to the character and contributing to the show’s success.

The Actor’s Performance as Hasmukh

Arvind Vaidya’s portrayal of Hasmukh Shah in “Anupama” has been widely praised by both critics and viewers. His ability to seamlessly blend wisdom, humor, and warmth in his portrayal of the family patriarch has resonated with the audience, making Hasmukh a beloved character on the show. Critics have commended Vaidya’s skillful and nuanced performance, which brings depth and authenticity to Hasmukh’s character.

Influence of the Character on the Actor’s Career

Playing the role of Hasmukh Shah in “Anupama” has had a significant impact on Arvind Vaidya’s career. As a key character in one of India’s most popular television series, Vaidya’s performance has garnered widespread recognition and acclaim. This has further solidified his reputation as a versatile and accomplished actor, opening up new opportunities for him in the television and film industry.

The Actor’s Thoughts on Playing Hasmukh

Arvind Vaidya has expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to play the role of Hasmukh Shah in “Anupama.” He has stated that he finds the character both challenging and rewarding, as it allows him to explore various emotions and situations. Vaidya has also mentioned that he enjoys working with the talented cast and crew of “Anupama” and appreciates the positive impact that the show has had on his career. He remains committed to bringing the character of Hasmukh Shah to life with sincerity and passion, contributing to the ongoing success of “Anupama.”


Hasmukh Shah’s character has played a pivotal role in the narrative of “Anupama,” providing emotional support and guidance to the protagonist and other family members throughout the series. His wisdom, wit, and unwavering dedication to his family have made him an endearing character, resonating with viewers and adding depth to the storyline. Hasmukh’s character also represents a balance between traditional values and modern perspectives, demonstrating the importance of adapting to evolving social dynamics while maintaining one’s principles.

Arvind Vaidya’s portrayal of Hasmukh Shah has been instrumental in the success of “Anupama.” His exceptional acting skills and authentic depiction of the character have captivated viewers, earning him widespread praise and recognition. Vaidya’s performance as Hasmukh has not only contributed to the character’s popularity but has also added a layer of emotional depth to the show’s narrative, making it more engaging and relatable for the audience. By embodying the character of Hasmukh Shah with such sincerity and passion, Arvind Vaidya has significantly contributed to the immense popularity and success of “Anupama.”

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