Who is Playing the Character of Malvika in Anupama? – Real name

The focus of this article is to explore the character of Malvika in the popular Indian television show “Anupama” and the actor responsible for bringing this character to life on screen. We will delve into the significance of Malvika in the series and examine the actor’s background, performance, and impact on the show’s success.

“Anupama” is a highly acclaimed Indian television drama series that first premiered on Star Plus in July 2020. The show, produced by Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi under the banner of Director’s Kut Productions, is based on the Bengali show “Sreemoyee.” The series follows the story of Anupamaa, a devoted wife, mother, and daughter-in-law, as she navigates the challenges of life and undergoes a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With its strong narrative and engaging characters, “Anupama” has captivated audiences and garnered widespread praise for its relatable and thought-provoking content.

Brief Summary of “Anupama”

Malvika with vanraj

“Anupama” is an Indian television drama series that first aired on Star Plus in July 2020. The show, produced by Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi under the banner of Director’s Kut Productions, is an adaptation of the Bengali show “Sreemoyee.” Since its debut, “Anupama” has consistently maintained high viewership ratings and enjoys immense popularity among its audience.

Plot and Setting of the Series:

The story of “Anupama” revolves around Anupamaa, a dedicated wife, mother, and daughter-in-law who has always prioritized her family’s needs above her own. Set in a middle-class Gujarati household, the show follows Anupamaa as she navigates various challenges in her life, including her husband’s infidelity, societal expectations, and the complexities of family dynamics. As she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, Anupamaa learns to assert her individuality and pursue her dreams.

Introduction of the Character Malvika:

Malvika is a relatively new character in the series “Anupama,” and her storyline is still unfolding. As a strong, ambitious, and independent woman, Malvika’s character is expected to bring new dimensions and challenges to the existing plot. Her presence in the show will likely contribute to the exploration of themes such as women’s empowerment, personal growth, and the importance of self-worth.

Who is Malvika?

Malvika is a strong, ambitious, and independent woman who enters the world of “Anupama” with a bold and confident demeanor. As a self-assured individual, she stands out in the primarily traditional setting of the show. Malvika is an inspiration to others, as she demonstrates the importance of asserting one’s own identity and pursuing personal goals despite the challenges and expectations of society.

The Role and Significance of Malvika in the Story

The character of Malvika plays a significant role in the ongoing narrative of “Anupama,” as her presence brings a fresh perspective to the show’s themes and dynamics. As a modern and self-sufficient woman, Malvika serves as a catalyst for change and growth among the other characters, particularly Anupamaa. Her influence encourages Anupamaa to question societal norms and expectations, empowering her to explore her own aspirations and self-worth.

Moreover, Malvika’s character adds depth and diversity to the series, showcasing the different facets of womanhood and the various paths women can choose in life. Her story also highlights the importance of self-acceptance, determination, and independence, making her an essential addition to the “Anupama” storyline.

Who is Playing the Character of Malvika in Anupama?

Malvika and anuj

Malvika Aneri Vajani, a talented Indian television actress, recently joined the cast of the popular show “Anupamaa” in the role of Malvika Kapadia, also known as Mukku. She portrayed Anuj Kapadia’s sister and played a pivotal role in bringing Anuj and Anupama together.

The actor’s background and career before “Anupama”

Before joining “Anupamaa,” Aneri Vajani had already made a name for herself in the Indian television industry. She has worked in various TV shows, typically in lead roles. Aneri’s acting career began with her role as Paankhi in the TV show “Kaali – Ek Punar Avatar” in 2012. She gained popularity and critical acclaim for her portrayal of Nisha in the show “Nisha Aur Uske Cousins” (2014-2015) and later as Saanjh in “Beyhadh” (2016-2017). Aneri has showcased her versatility and talent through the diverse characters she has played throughout her career.

How the actor got the role of Malvika

The details of how Aneri Vajani landed the role of Malvika in “Anupamaa” are not publicly available. However, given her previous successful performances and the fact that she had been a part of other popular television shows, it is likely that the show’s producers recognized her talent and thought she would be a good fit for the character of Malvika. Aneri accepted the role knowing it was a cameo, and she successfully portrayed Malvika’s moody and spontaneous nature, earning positive feedback from viewers.

The Actor’s Performance as Malvika

Aneri Vajani’s performance as Malvika Kapadia in “Anupamaa” was well-received by the audience. Initially, viewers were impressed with her entry and the dynamic she brought to the show as Anuj Kapadia’s sister. However, as the character developed feelings for Vanraj, some viewers found it difficult to digest this aspect of the storyline. Despite this, Aneri’s portrayal of Malvika’s moody and spontaneous nature continued to be appreciated.

Although Malvika’s role in “Anupamaa” was a cameo, it contributed positively to Aneri Vajani’s career. Being a part of such a popular show allowed her to showcase her acting skills to a wider audience. Aneri’s portrayal of Malvika further established her as a versatile and talented actress, capable of taking on diverse characters and storylines.

In a recent interview, Aneri Vajani acknowledged that her character Malvika was a cameo and shared her satisfaction with the role. She expressed her understanding that “Anupamaa” is ultimately Anupama’s story and that her character, Mukku, cannot always be in the spotlight. Aneri mentioned that she was happy with the feedback she received for her portrayal of Malvika and that she had no complaints about the role. While her character is currently on a break from the show, Aneri stated that she would always prefer to play lead roles in new TV shows.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is Malvika in Anupama?

Malvika is a character in the Indian television show “Anupama”.

Why did Malvika leave Anupama?

Malvika left Anupama because her character was only a cameo.

Will Malvika come back in Anupama?

There is no official announcement of Malvika’s return to Anupama.

Who is the star cast of Anupama Malvika?

Aneri Vajani portrayed the character of Malvika in Anupama, along with other star cast members such as Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, and Madalsa Sharma.


Malvika’s character was a significant addition to the show, as she played an essential role in bringing Anuj and Anupama together. Even though her character was not permanent and only had a short stay on the show, Malvika left a lasting impression on the audience.

Aneri Vajani’s portrayal of Malvika received positive feedback from the audience. Her ability to depict the character’s moody and spontaneous nature was impressive, and the way she brought out the different aspects of Malvika’s character was well-appreciated. Although Malvika’s role was short-lived, Aneri’s performance helped in making the character memorable.

Overall, the character of Malvika played a significant role in the plot of “Anupama,” and Aneri Vajani’s performance as Malvika was a contributing factor to the show’s success.

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